LeadsElite Media is a leading provider of digital media marketing and online staff training systems, that services clients from many corners of the United Kingdom.

Our Highlands based office is the Hub of our community and we pride ourselves on delivering the highest level of value to all of our clients. We hold client’s privacy in high regard, with that said, we are happy to share with you that we service clients from many various industries such as property development and investment, health, sports and fitness, online product retail (e-commerce), business consultancy firms and many more.

Our specialist team from the directors down, have huge amounts of technical and practical experience across all sectors of the digital marketing world, from Website development and management, product, logo, brochure and marketing video design, social media marketing, email marketing, lead generation, sales platform integration, to marketing and sales consultancy.

We are industry subject matter experts in generating leads, converting those leads to sales and developing long lasting relationships with our clients, and our clients clients.

We deliver fast, effective results in high volumes and we have done so for many years on a consultancy basis. Now, after bringing the best digital marketing consultants and specialists in the North of Scotland together, re-branding and launching our new range of products, we look forward to supporting you with your business development, by adding huge amounts of value and experience to your team, and delivering you a highly effective sales generating system to drive your business forward.


We offer a huge range of services and we create bespoke packages to all of our clients depending on what they hope to achieve and their expectations when it comes to results.

The main overarching areas of our business are as follows:

Digital media marketing – Management & Consultation
Website development, management & Sales channel integration
Sales Management & Customer Service
Lead Generation
Creative Design
Sales training
Social media marketing – Lead generation
Social media marketing – Lead generation
Creative design to include Logo’s, brochures, marketing video’s and product design
Marketing & sales platform integration
Email campaigns
Personal branding campaigns
Digital marketing and business consultation
Sales and promotional campaigns


Lead Generation

Sourced from targeted marketing campaigns resulting in a high conversion rate delivering an impressive ROI (return on investment)

Franchise package

Website and social media platform development and setup. Graphic design of logo, product brochure and marketing video.

Website development

A standalone product that delivers a fully optimized and integrated sales and marketing platform, fully functional with all features relevant to what our clients wish to achieve.

Digital Marketing & sales Pro package

Fully optimized and integrated website development, social media platform development, creative and graphic design, etc.

Social media platform development & management

Initial set up, sales platform integration and management. Developing engagement, creating exposure, educating your audience on your products.

Digital media marketing management and consultancy services

Ongoing social media, website and other sales platform management support.

Email Marketing

Specifically designed email campaigns sent out to your emailing lists, to develop awareness of your business and services

Graphic design services

Logo, business cards, product design, labeling, brochures, email marketing templates, banners and marketing video design and editing.

Online training courses - Sell your skills to the marketplace

If you have experience and are a professional expert within your industry, then why not share all those years of experience, struggles and tips.

Copywriting / SEO

Document drafting, email drafting, website and other social media and sales platform copywriting to ensure all your platforms are top rated searches.

Business startup package

Landing Page, business emails, logo, branded marketing video, business card, social media page set up (two platforms), copywriting and image sourcing.

Digital Staff Training

Online digital staff training platforms, Free up time, save money, increase productivity, improve and maintain customer service, systemise the training process, target all the different types of learners, develop the organisations culture and stay one step ahead of your competitors.


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The Digital Staff Training System

The ‘Digital Staff Training System otherwise known as ‘CORE’ – Complete Operational Recurring Education, has been developed to provide a mixture of various detailed training videos, presentations, tests and quiz’s related to the businesses various operational tasks, all uploaded and accessible within an online platform (Website). This website will be bespoke to the clients business, and will have a login portal for all new and existing employees, whether they are managers, supervisors or entry level placements, so that initial training to new employees and monthly / quarterly refresher training can be delivered extremely effectively.


Executive Director

Following a 20 year career spent establishing & developing multiple successful businesses and operating as the lead digital marketing and sales specialist within those organisations, Paul found himself having gained a huge amount of experience, knowledge & expertise in lead generation, online digital marketing, website development, social media marketing, creative design work and sales.

With these skills and successes behind him he launched LeadsElite Media Services, a partner of Taylors Consultancy services to offer Online Marketing services & Digital Staff Training systems to emerging and well established businesses across the United Kingdom.



Up to 20% increase in sales within 30 days & up to 50% more sales in 90 days.

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