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Complete Recuring Education

A Digital staff training platform for keeping your workforce at the top of their game.

Saving your business time, reducing training costs and increasing productivity.

Simple, fast, effective, interactive learning, improving customer service, staff development and overall business ouput.

LeadsElite Learning is a specialist custom website development company who develop, design and deliver advanced bespoke digital staff training platforms and solutions, that saves your business time and money, Whilst developing your workforce knowledge through digital interactive learning experiences.

A simple 3 step process from concept to completion

Step 1

Choose Your Content

You choose what training content your workforce requires
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Step 01

Step 2

Core Platform

We develop your training content into a course, and add the courses to your CORE platform
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Step 02

Step 3

Review & Approval

The Platform is then delivered to you for your review and approval.
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your unique digital staff training system

A unique digital staff training platform like no other, bespoke to your business

Easy set up and delivery process

Designed and developed based upon your business’s requirements and expectations

Video tutorials, multiple choice questionaries, certification, integrated webinars, practical assessments, downloadable resources & virtual reality

Certification of your employees as they progress through the training

Minimal time commitment from you

Courses offered in various languages, with voice overs and subtitles as required

Saving you considerable time and costs associated with delivering staff training

custom features and functionality to stand out from your competitors

Digital Course Training benefits

The Training vault

Our CORE system has been developed to assist businesses with overcoming staff challenges within their organisations. We deliver an accessible online bespoke digital staff training platform to employees to access at any time, from any location, in any language.

Improving customer service, productivity, standardisation while saving our clients considerable time and associated training costs in the process.


We will go the extra mile for you

What can digital staff training do for your business

A bespoke, visually pleasing, easy to use learner management system providing blended leaning content from showcasing video tutorials, multiple choice questionnaires, certification and virtual reality practical assessment and scenarios, supported by our CORE HR management training portal, offering group and 121 training through zoom integrated conference calling, ex-ternal and in-ternal training management functionality, compliancy reporting and employee development monitoring, the CORE 5in1 training system really is the future of workplace training and development.

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