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LeadsElite is a leading global provider of online business staff training solutions, education platforms, digital media marketing, Computer Generated Imagery and website development supporting the growth of your business. 

LeadsElite offers custom built or off the shelf products and services as well as flexible payment terms for any size of business across all sectors.

All packages are scalable, subject to the size of your business. You can add features to support your business as you grow, so you only pay for what you need. 

If you would like to grow your organisation, retain and develop your workforce, improve customer service and productivity, reduce costs and save time associated with delivering training and development

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Online bespoke digital staff training systems

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What we do!

LeadsElite is a leading Global provider of bespoke digital staff training solutions, Computer Generate Imagery services, Digital media marketing solution’s and custom interactive website platform’s.

LeadsElite support’s communities and business’s all over the UK, providing low cost marketing solutions to our client’s, and driving tourism and increasing footfall through our customer’s door.

Who we are

Starting out as a family run business operating from multiple locations across the UK, LeadsElite has now developed into a Leading Global provider of bespoke digital training and marketing solution’s, supported by a family of CORE technically proficient professionals, specialists in Graphic design, full stack web development, Online marketing techniques, online training and education, IT and interactive software development including mobile applications.

Custom website development

Computer generated imagery (CGI)

Digital marketing

Digital staff training systems and platforms


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CORE – Complete Recurring Education

The CORE digital staff training platform has been developed and delivered to our customers across the globe, to provide an efficient, easy to use, easy to set up, cost effective system that provides tremendous value to our customers and their workforce.

CORE delivers fast, standardised, interactive learning remotely, and can be offered to your workforce in various languages and themes to assist with the various types of learners and to support those from various ethnic backgrounds.



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