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The Digital Staff Training System

LeadsElite Media is a specialist online media marketing company who design and deliver advanced, bespoke digital staff &
course training platforms


These systems where initially developed to assist businesses with overcoming staff training challenges within their organisations, and deliver an accessible online staff training platform for their employees to access at anytime, from any location improving customer service, productivity, consistency and saving the business considerable time and costs in the process. We are currently delivering these digital staff training systems across various industries, to businesses of all sizes, and can be delivered in any location.

The process is simple:

  1. Working with our professional videography teams, we develop training videos / Modules and presentations based on your course / required training content.
  2. We develop a bespoke online platform that acts as an online library (Training Vault) for all your training content and courses
  3. We develop custom features and plugins to ensure our client receives a bespoke, one of a kind platform like no other.
  4. We upload all of your branded training content onto your unique platform which we can then help you market across your industry.

In more recent times, due to the COVID 19 outbreak and the associated restrictions in place for the foreseeable future, we have been approached and are currently working with a number of charitable organisations, training providers and education companies, to offer a means of delivering classroom courses, workplace training or education material, via a bespoke online platform. CORE provides training companies and businesses a means of providing advanced, standardised training in any language and ensures all the various types of learners are catered for improving the overall pass rates of the courses.

CORE is unique in a number of ways. The system offers modular structured training from the delivery of training videos, accessed from a library of uploaded video content. These videos can be subtitled, be accompanied by voice overs, offered in any language, offer downloadable resources, can test your learner’s by offering multiple choice questionnaires throughout the modules, and should the learners wish to continue with their learning once completed the courses, we can offer a variety of career and personal development courses all from the one platform,  to keep them coming back for more.

We specialise in the development of advanced WordPress website platforms from conception to completion, so we can design and deliver any type of platform that may support your business with its delivery of products and / or services.

Digital Course Training system

Some additional website features we have developed for our clients across various industries:

  1. We can design and develop these systems around the requirements and expectations of your business.
  1. Our platforms are unique and bespoke to your business, considering branding and the type of services and products you offer.
  1. We can offer a means of taking your classroom / workplace based courses online, by working with you to develop video training modules, multiple choice questionnaires, and ensuring there is a pass or fail control measure in place to ensure your learners have to reach the expected competency level.
  1. We can integrate webinar / conference calling into the same platform, so that any practical assessments and visual management training, can be conducted to give direct guidance and feedback on any elements of the course.
  1. We can offer certification to your leaners on completion of all elements of the course, including practical assessment.
  1. You can offer and sell as many courses as you like from the same platform.
  1. You can offer these courses in various languages
  1. We can offer supporting documentation via downloadable resources.
  1. Offer additional career and personal develop courses to offer your students and learners even more value, potentially offering you an additional income stream through affiliation with other course providers.
  1. We can create packages to be presented to your clients, so they can purchase multiple courses to then pass onto their employees. 
  1. We can develop custom interactive software and plugins, to ensure you get everything out of the systems that you hope to achieve. 



  • Higher pass rates due to standardised improved delivery of material and content.
  • Increased numbers of course attendees due to the savings from additional travel etc, and the accessibility of the courses.
  • Increased revenue from the delivery of a higher number of courses, to a wider audience whilst saving on business overheads related to running workshop / classroom based training.
  • Time management benefits allowing assessors and supporting staff to work from home, or head office based locations.
  • Be able to offer multiple courses all from the one platform, running courses simultaneously maximising the service offering
  • Increases business resilience against adverse climates and unprecedented market changes


  • Work at their own pace with less pressure increasing the course pass rates.
  • Content and material accessed a multitude of ways to assist the various types of leaners.
  • Saving on associated costs relating to attending workshops and courses considering travel, accommodation expenses and time off work.
  • Having access to other relevant career or personal development courses all from the one platform.
  • Have the ability to access the course from any device, from any location at any time.

CORE can deliver advanced operational training to members of our client’s workforce no matter what their role may be. This service adds huge value to our clients, ensuring their new and existing employees are able to operate as effectively as possible to deal with the huge increase in demand without a huge time commitment expected and required from the management. 

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