LCMS Scottish Highlands was established to offer the local communities and businesses a means of promoting this beautiful landscape in the Highlands of Scotland, to drive tourism and visitors to the area from all corners of the globe, to increase the footfall through local businesses doors and to bring investment, new businesses and new opportunities to the area.

The LCMS Scottish Highlands social media groups and community is administrated by LeadsElite Media​, a specialist digital media marketing company based in the Capital of Scotland. The LCMS social media pages are managed and promoted across the rest of 

the United Kingdom and other areas of Europe and America, to bring tourism and visitors to the area, to help promote local businesses and organisations and help the local economy thrive.

These pages will be managed daily by delivering daily posts and content on the history of the various areas of the Scottish Highlands, what’s on such as events and things to do, what’s to come later on throughout the year and we will promote and advertise local businesses and the services that they provide, to bring visitors, clients and customers to your door.

Monthly targeted ad campaigns will be managed and pushed out across the United Kingdom and other international destinations so that this hidden gem situated in one of the most beautiful places on earth can be found and appreciated by visitors from all over the world.

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Package Options


For the low cost of £47.99 per month (the price of a taxi fare) your business will be promoted on the LCMS social media pages once a month, with a specific post relating to your business, and your service / product offering. This post will be packed with great content and be promoted to everyone who visits, sees, follows and likes the page beside all the other amazing engaging posted content relating to the goings on across the area.

The page will be marketed and advertised right across the United Kingdom and other locations overseas, including Europe and America once a month through targeted ad campaigns, meaning your business will benefit from massive amounts of exposure, for a very low cost per month. The most valuable and cost effective marketing your business will ever benefit from and that is available today.

Price: £47.99

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£47.99 for each 1 day


For £97.99 per month (the price of your mobile phone bill) your business will not only benefit from the features of the bronze package, but additionally your business will receive a featured ad meaning your monthly post will remain pinned to the top of the LCMS social media platforms for a 3 day period, allowing for even more exposure remaining near the top of the page, and also receiving 1 shout out a month across all platforms promoting your business even more.

Price: £97.99

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£97.99 for each 1 day


As well as all the features and benefits of the bronze and silver package, as a registered gold member, you will also receive an additional targeted ad featuring your business, promoted to a specific demographic and location of your choice. This allows us to specifically pin point your ideal customer in your specific chosen area, that will offer your business huge amounts of engagement and that will drive huge amounts of traffic to your website and other marketing platforms. For this business growth marketing strategy, a low monthly investment of £147.00 will allow your business to stand out above the rest.

Price: £ 147.00

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£147.00 for each 1 day

Diamond package

For the business ready for growth, and actively seeking professional marketed branded content to be promoted professionally across any area of the UK or overseas. For a £247.00 per month investment, you will receive all the features of the bronze, silver and gold packages to include, a monthly post, a monthly targeted ad campaign featuring your business targeted to the location of choice and using the demographics of your ideal client and your post will be pinned to the top of social media pages for a 3 day period. However as a Dimond package member, your business will also receive a shout out from our industry recognised influencing partners who have thousands and ten’s of thousands of traveling followers. You will also receive an additional post per month offering you even more exposure and increasing the brand awareness of your business dramatically, resulting in increased traffic landing on your website platforms, increasing the leads and sales coming into you business.

Bonus: Diamond package members also benefit from being added into a monthly prize draw, the winner of which, receives a FREE months social media marketing on all their business platforms, including 30 scheduled posts and one targeted ad campaign promoting their business to any area of the UK or overseas to their ideal customer, identified through the use of analytics and demographic search techniques, increasing the ROI (return on Investment).

Price: £ 247.00

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£247.00 for each 1 month

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Other promotional marketing packages and products are also available for registered businesses seeking advanced marketing strategies. Details available on request.
These prices and costs are for the marketed content explained above. However an additional budget will be required for any targeted ads you wish to promote.

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