Diamond package

£247.00 for each 1 month

For the business ready for growth, and actively seeking professional marketed branded content to be promoted professionally across any area of the UK or overseas. For a £247.00 per month investment, you will receive all the features of the bronze, silver and gold packages to include, a monthly post, a monthly targeted ad campaign featuring your business targeted to the location of choice and using the demographics of your ideal client and your post will be pinned to the top of social media pages for a 3 day period. However as a Dimond package member, your business will also receive a shout out from our industry recognised influencing partners who have thousands and ten’s of thousands of traveling followers. You will also receive an additional post per month offering you even more exposure and increasing the brand awareness of your business dramatically, resulting in increased traffic landing on your website platforms, increasing the leads and sales coming into you business.

Bonus: Diamond package members also benefit from being added into a monthly prize draw, the winner of which, receives a FREE months social media marketing on all their business platforms, including 30 scheduled posts and one targeted ad campaign promoting their business to any area of the UK or overseas to their ideal customer, identified through the use of analytics and demographic search techniques, increasing the ROI (return on Investment).